The third annual "Amazing London Race" was a huge success. 17 Teams took part in a day filled with fun and excitement. Every team came with a desire to make this event bigger and better than last year. Teams competed in over 17 tasks (depending on eliminations) that took them all over the city of London (and to Lucan). We raised over $5000.00 for Mackayla's Fight For Sight and the Children's Health Foundation!!!!

I would like to thank all of the participant for making the day as successful as it was. I'd also like to thank the volunteers and entertainment at the first annual "Amazing London Rock & Ride" (Get Back, The Rock Collection, Ryan Starkweather & Jeff Shaughnessy, Kill Effect, Technical Difficulties and Four Star). Without all of you this event would just be a passing thought in my head.

2010 List of Events

Amazing London Race III Events

Amazing London Race III: List of Tasks

WADA Canada

Racers found their first clue on the fence of the football field.

Home Depot (Clarke Rd.)

Racers built a bird house.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Racers will have to park in the visitors parking area. They will have to check into the village at the gate house. They will be provided a map to the village and be directed to find the "London Free Press" building. They will be asked a trivia question about a race location. They will have to search through a bin of letters to complete their answer in the press frame. Once they have completed their answer they will take it to the press and print it.

O’Shea’s Farm

By popular requests from last year, racers took part in a corn maze to get their next clue.

The Donnelly Museum in Lucan

The newly opened museum welcomed the racers to step back in time and experience the history of Lucan and the Donnelly Family. Teams searched the main museum to answer a list of trivia questions. Once they had all of the correct answers they made their way back to London.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Each team made a new friend for a child this Christmas. The bears made at the store will be donated to a children’s charity in time for the holidays.

Masonville Place Pit Stop

The teams all gathered in the back parking lot of the mall for a short break. Teams enjoyed a sandwich from Mr. Sub, a drink and some social time before hitting the road again.

U.W.O. Round-a-bout Task

In a new twist to the race, we introduced a “Round-a-bout”. Two clues were posted in mailboxes at the University of Western Ontario (one on Richmond St. and the other on Western Rd.). By obtaining both clues they would be able to unscramble to letter, in a “Crack the Code Challenge”, to send them to their next destination.

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology

A hidden treasure of London was rediscovered by the teams. At the museum, the teams made a small clay pot just like the natives use to make.

London Ice Cream Company

Teams were welcomed to their next challenge with a variety of task choices. Teams drew a number to decide what they would need to do to receive their next clue. The choices were:

1) Dress up in a hula skirt and wave at cars

2) Feed your partner while blind folded

3) 'Giant Hands': eat while wearing large oven mits

4) Paint with ice cream

Cineplex Odeon Westmount

Teams were asked to view the marquee for all of the shows playing during the day and write them down in the order of start times from first to last.

Days Inn London (Task & Pit Stop)

Teams were given a paper with different locations throughout the hotel. Each location had a different 4 number code posted. Once they found all of the codes, it would be time for another rest and snack.

Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes

Teams would get to taste the best cupcakes in London while trying to solve another “Crack the Code Challenge”

Wortley Village

Teams “Took a Trip Around the World” in Wortley Village. 18 stores along Wortley Road displayed a small 4”x6” card with a flag from a different country. Teams took to the street and looked in the storefront windows and wrote down the store name beside the picture of the flag they found.

Labatt Park

Teams made their way to Labatt Park to count the new fence boards along Riverside Drive. If they got a number between 960 & 970, they would get their next clue.

Eldon House

A quick trip to a historical landmark to get their next destination instructions.

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Teams ordered the “Amazing London Race Special” and needed to finish all of the fries in the box to get the next clue.

WADA Canada: Elimination Challenges

Racers will complete a series of sports themed tasks.

Part #1: The Football Challenge

All racers completed the task and were timed while they did it. The 6 slowest timed teams were eliminated. This challenge consisted of multiple parts. Each member had to throw a football through a hole in the net, push the carriage down the field, go through a tackling tunnel, do a military crawl under the net, roll a tire across the field and then push a weighted sled across the finish line.

Part #2: The Beep Test

The fastest 10 teams prepared to run against each other in a beep test. The last 5 teams standing would move on to the final stage of the eliminations.

Part #3: Find the Buried Key

The final five teams competed in this task. Racers were required to dig in the beach volleyball court to find an envelope with a key inside. Once they had found the key, they were to unlock the fence. The first 3 teams to get out of the volleyball court were eligible to compete in the final task of the day and be declared the winners of the race.

Carolinian Winery: Memory Challenge

The final three teams would need to find a bag hidden on the property that contained the names of the locations they had visited during the day. The teams needed to post the names in the correct order. The first team to have the list correct were deemed the winners of the Amazing London Race!


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