2008 List of Events

Sunday August 31, 2008

 Friday Knight Lights (envelope) (Picture)
Eldon House (destination clue)
Old Court House (destination clue)
Labatt Park (Fenced In)
McKillop Park (Remember Pattern Puzzle)
Guy Lombardo Museum (destination)
Adventures on Wonderland (Ball Search)
Rona Home & Garden (BBQ Pit Stop and Car Wash)
East Park/Intencity (Rock Wall)
Banting House (destination clue)
Royal Canadian Regiment Museum (destination clue)
Build-a-Bear (Stuff the Bear)
Windermere Golf (Putt or Chip Choice Detour)
Gibbons Park (Spelling Bee)
Richmond Row (Flag Match)
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (destination clue)
Via Rail (destination clue)
Friday Knight Lights (Finish Line and concert; featuring Ryan Starkweather and Jeff Shaughnessy)

Monday September 1, 2008 

 Friday Knight Lights (Build the Tank)
Victoria Park Tank (Victoria Park by the Numbers Trivia)
Richmond Row (Around the World on Richmond Row)
Artistic Esthetic Spa (Makeover Madness)
Gibbons Park (Sudoko Puzzle)
Jack Astor’s (Hot & Cold)
Fanshawe Pioneer Village (Pioneer Relay)
Fanshawe Conservation-Fishing Area (Fishing... another eating task)
Western Fair Train (Destination clue)
Western Fair Agriplex (Destination clue)
Western Fair Sports Plex (Destination clue)
Empire Theatre Wellington 8 (Let’s Go to the Movies)
Museum London (destination clue)
Downtown Splash Pad (Time to Get Wet)
Covent Garden Market (Build it)
Friday Knight Lights (Finsh Line, Silent Auctions and concert featuring Aaron Walpole)

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