2009 Task List

Amazing London Race II
Saturday, September 12, 2009
Task List

East Park Golf Gardens:
Make your was to "Intecity" to explore new heights. Racers must climb the rock wall to obtain their next clue.

Rona East:
Raise it or Build it...

Raise It: Use the Rona patio to perform something creative. Collect $5.00 from customers to pay for your next clue.
Build It: Select a wheel barrow kit and put it together.

London Scuba Centre:
Time to get wet! One racer will have to jump into the pool to retrieve the next clue.

Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes:
Find your next clue, just don't eat it. This task must be done by the racer who didn't do the diving.

Victoria Park:
Search the statues and plaques around the park to learn some history of London

Days Inn:
Check out the hotel and find the codes in each area.

Adventures on Wonderland:
Find the marked ball amongst the hundreds of balls.

Panago Pizza:
Fold 5 boxes, put in a coupon, pull on a chef jacket and give the boxes to people passing by. Your partner must take 5 pictures of you and the person you give the box to.

Rona West Part 1:
Search the store for 10 specially marked shelves with the ALR logo. Identify the product, aisle it was found in and the cost. Get all 10 correct to move forward.

Rona West Part 2:
Find the hotdog cart at the front of the store. Redeem your coupon for a FREE hotdog. Both racers MUST completely eat the hotdog before getting the next clue. If a racer does not eat hotdogs, they are allowed to find a stranger to eat the hotdog for them. However, the stranger MUST stay and eat the entire hotdog before leaving.

Racers will have to search the mall for the location of this task. It is not being done in the store, but at the mall clock court area. Once found, each racer will have to complete an exercise circut to receive the next clue. Exercises include; rowing, toe touching and burpees.

Each racer will have to stuff a bear and follow the instructions given by the staff. Once the bears are done, the team will pose for a team photo with Phil the Moose. WARNING: Only the first 15 teams to complet the task will move forward.

Windermere Golf:
Racers will select a putter and ball and go to the putting practice area. They will draw a numbered ball at random from a bucket. From the starting point, they must strike their ball until it is sunk in the correct hole. WARNING: Only the first 10 teams for complete the task will move forward.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village:
Racers will have to park in the visitors parking area. They will have to check into the village at the gate house. They will be provided a map to the village and be directed to find the "London Free Press" building. They will be asked a trivia question about a race location. They will have to search through a bin of letters to complete their answer in the press frame. Once they have completed their answer they will take it to the press and print it. WARNING: Only the first 5 teams to complete the task will move on to have a chance to WIN the race.

WADA Canada:
Racers will complete a series of sports themed tasks. The first person to complete the challenge will be declared the winners of the Amazing London Race II!!

Part #1: Find the Buried Key

The final five teams competed in this task. Racers were required to dig in the beach volleyball court to find an envelope with a key inside. Once they had found the key, they were to unlock the fence to the sports field. The first four to find the key and make it through the fence would move on to Part #2.

Part #2: The Football Challenge

The final four racers then competed in the next stage of the challenge. All racers completed the task and were timed while they did it. The slowest timed team would be eliminated. This challenge consisted of multiple parts. Each member had to throw a football through a hole in the net, push the carriage down the field, go through a tackling tunnel, do a military crawl under the net, roll a tire across the field and then push a weighted sled across the finish line.

 Part #3: The Beep Test… Last Man Standing

The final three teams prepared to run against each other in a beep test. The last team standing would be declared the winner of the second annual Amazing London Race!

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