2011 List of Events

Amazing London Race IV

Wada Canada: Find first clue on the fence

Palace Theatre: Search the seat of the theatre for the clue

Banting House: Clue Sign

ArtVenture: Instruct the partner to draw a famous drawing

Fleetway: 5 Pin Strik, 10 Pin Spare

Sifton Bog: 3 Way Stop/Pit Stop

Gibbons Park:

Victoria Park (Part 1) – Round-a-bout #2 –

Tree #1 – Clue Box

Tree #2 – Clue Box

Tree #3 – Clue Box

Victoria Park (Part 2) –

Thames Park –

Museum London: Round-a-bout #2 – Clue Box

Blackburn Fountain: Round-a-bout #2 – Clue Box

London Ice Cream:

Springbank Park:

Storybook Gardens: 3 Way Stop/Pit Stop

Cineplex Odeon Westmount: Movie Listings Challenge

Home Depot: Build a small wooden project

Belmont Corn Maze – (Elimination, top 10 advance to next task): Find the Clue

East Park - (Elimination, top 5 advance to final task): Rockwall

Wada Canada: Memory Challenge.

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